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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  January 22, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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harm to the reputation of a lot of innocent, hard-working teachers who got caught up in a rif. for my office, we are aware of no persons who were riffed who were convicted or found guilty of any child molestation or child abuse or teachers who were simply not coming to work. >> reporter: 9 news now asked for a comment from rhee. her office said it is working on a statement. we don't have it yet. the u.s. attorneys office said we don't have any information about that. if we asked if it had been asked if it had been asked to prosecute any teachers for molesting kids so we don't know how many were child molesters or why they were fired in what was described as a budget move and why they were apparently not prosecuted for alleged crimes. answers, if and when we get them. back to you. >> thank you. a jury has sentenced a fairfax county day care provider to ten years in prison for child abuse.
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the 45-year-old mother found guilty of violently take shaking a child in her care. peggy fox was the court when the sentence was delivered. >> she betrayed us and my son. >> reporter: erin and michael's 13-month-old child noah doesn't look injured today but a brain hemorrhage he suffered a year ago has left him with serious vision problems, regular seizure and irreversible damage. >> irreversible dodge to my son. we have a life sentence to live with. she does not. >> reporter: they convicted her day care provider of felony child abuse and child endangerment. it found the mother of two, who had run a day care for five years and received training in child care and cpr shook noah so violently that it caused his brain to bleed. >> everyone has a breaking point. she admits the child was crying. she admits she picked the child up and said why are you crying? if a child is crying, seth it
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down and walk away. >> she denied shaking noah and said he went limp. she performed cpr and called 911. >> the they tried to prove she couldn't have done it challenging the science behind shaken baby syndrome. >> no injuries to noah's neck. no grip injuries to his torso. no grip injuries on his body and because of that it is impossible for me to accept that trudie munoz shook this child. >> i believe without a doubt in my mind that shaken baby syndrome is this. you can call it abusive head trauma. as my husband said, i don't care what you call it my son was shaken. >> the jury sentenced her to 6 1/2 years plus four years for both counts. the judge will decide whether to have her serve the sentences one after the other or overlap them so she could serve as little as 6 1/2 years. her husband has a job in the
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u.s. but her daughters will be deported to peru and she will be deportedded after she serves her sentence. back to you. breaking news out of britain tonight. late this afternoon, the british government raised the terror threat level from substantial to severe. under britain's terror alert system that indicates an attack is highly likely. however, britain's home secretary added there is no intelligence to suggest that an attack is imminent. the search for survivors of the earthquake in haiti is winding down. here's the latest. an 84-year-old woman was found alive today after ten days in the rubble, but doctors say she is in bad condition and she may not survive. meanwhile, haitians are pleaing port-au-prince in huge numbers. 200,000 people are crammed in to buses and ferries. some even escaping on foot and the government is trying to figure out how to move 400,000 more from makeshift tent cities to areas outside of the capital. on the waterfront, the u.s. military is trying to fix the
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heavily damaged port. a limited number of supply ships have been able to dock but with all the aftershocks rattling the city there is concern the main pier could collapse. still getting that aid out is increasingly dangerous one charity organization estimates that mobs of looters have stolen 50-tons of rice, oil and dried beans. the usns comfort remains anchored off the coast of haiti. the crew is working around the clock to save the lives of as many people as they can. our scott broom is joining us by phone to tell us what he saw. >> we saw a lot of the conditions you have just been talking about, the damaged port, the broken piers, u.n. armed convoys trying to move food around and u.s. army soldiers on the streets guarding convoys after these reports of looting and stealing of food. the comfort continued to take in the critically injured at a pace so fast the casualty
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receiving area here which amounts to a large big city emergency room with 40 beds was overwhelmed. medevac operated had to be suspended and after two and a half days they are running short of sup some mys and had to resupply the ship here. another measure of the intense, intense need here and communications are so completely broken down over in port-au-prince that a lot of medical facilities are only learning about the comfort being here by word of mouth. we saw one example at the south hospital in port-au-prince. this is a building that collapsed. there's still 35 unrecovered bodies inside 0 a portion of this hospital. people are being treated outside in civil war battlefield conditions. and some of the people there are from baltimore-based catholic relief services which has one doctor in tow. while we are there there was a 21-year-old man clearly hours away from dying and a belgium doctor decided to send him down
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to one of the landing zones that one of our journalists directed him to because the journalist happens to be a third year medical student and that's what happened. they sent him down there on a wing and prayer and begged to put him on a helicopter and the guy was airlifted on and we presume he is on the comfort and fighting for his life. we are checking on the outcome of that. in haiti right now, it appears to be all about good luck for a few people and really bad luck for the vast majority of people who are still in the city and still trying to recover from critical injuries. >> we know they have operating rooms going around the clock on the comfort. what kind of trauma cases are they treating, if you can tell us really quickly? >> it is stunning. stunning injuries. many related to the amputations we have seen and also people's organs are beginning to shut down because of crush injuries. they have gone so many days without treatment. their kidneys begin to fail,
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organs begin to fail and interns and surgeons are working in some cases until 4 listen 30 in the morn -- 4:30 in the morning to save these people and then the shift reboots an hour and a half later at 6:00 a.m. >> a long arduous task ahead for all of those medical professionals there. thank you for sharing their stories and their journey with us. >> thank you. >> we'll look forward to more of scott's reports on 9 news now at 7:00. the 8-year-old boy rescued from the rubble kept saying god kept him alive. many shared his joy as they caught him raising his hands in triumph after he was recued a week after the quake but the remarkable story of this boy and his sister is bittersweet. two of their siblings did not make it and as their family grieves they face the struggle of others who are homeless and haven't gotten aid. tonight, more than 100 of the biggest names in film, television, music and sports will participate in a haiti
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benefit telethon to raise money for the earthquake victims. it starts at 8 p.m. you can watch it here with us on channel 9. we will hear from one of the hosts, george clooney coming up. after wet wintry weather, our skies are clearing up tonight. meteorologist topper shutt inside with the forecast first. >> get rest tonight and tomorrow. it will be colder tonight because of the clearing skies. here's the forecast first. partial clearing and colder. lows in the mid 20sin the suburbs. downtown some areas may not make it below freezing which is unusual for this time of the year. winds from the northeast at ten. temperatures if you are heading out or in, as the case may be low 40s which is average. upper 30s in frederick and leesburg and out to winchester. big picture, satellite picture radar combined the right hand portion of the screen, that is a system going away and another california system is coming in over the weekend. the rain maybe tapering off in southern california but that doesn't mean the danger is over
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for people in areas prone to mudslides. authorities won't let them back in their homes until they are sure the situation is safe. >> this frightened dog is suck in the river. a team of firefighterses rerushed to the rescue an it took an hour and a helicopter lift and up he comes and he has the dog. >> to pull the canine to safety. for a week pacific storms have pounded southern california. as much as ten inches of rain soaked the foothills north of los angeles and hundreds living in the path of the wildfires were told to evacuate. >> we're not -- they ignored the orders and decided to take her chances. >> i knew when i stayed that if anything happens that's because i stayed. so it's my fault. >> reporter: the storms threatened to send walls of mud and debris racing down he hills in to the homes below and now some residents are getting word they can go back home. >> we dodged a bullet, partly because we just got lucky.
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>> reporter: a chance of thunderstorms could still cause trouble and a the risk of mudslides lasts up to three days after the rain ends. wildfires burn the hills so badly you can see there is no vegetation left to hold back a slide and if this collapses, it would block the road access to part of the neighborhood. in other areas, strong winds toppled trees. heavy rains caused flooding and thousands lost power. the governor declared states of emergency in six counties. >> free up additional state resources, which is important to assist with the response and recovery efforts. >> reporter: while the weekend forecast is dry, california's rainy season isn't over yet. another big storm system could put residents in danger again. thomas roberts, for cbs news, california. >> they had floods, thunderstorm and a tornado in long beach earlier this week. they have had it all. they will be drying out over the weekend. we will tell you hen that storm rolls in here over the weekend. >> thank you for that, top.
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the trusted police lieutenant the owner of a local teen hangout and a respected neighbor, tonight he is facing a child porn charge for allegedly sexting with a teenager girl. bruce leshan has the story. the texts are almost unbelievable. the fbi says anne arundel county police lieutenant james -- repeatedly texted the girl urging her to undress and expose herself and send him pictures. most of the exchanges are far too graphic to describe on tv. the fbi suspects that he took pictures of himself, naked at home in the bedroom of the house he shares with his wife and sent them to the girl and they suspect he received several pictures of the teenager exposing her again talls. pictures -- genitals, pictures they found on their phone after her mother said she thought they are daughter was having an affair with a man 30 years
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older than her. >> you expect law enforcement officers to catch people with this conduct. >> reporter: neighbors in annapolis are shocked. his next door neighbor says her 19-year-old daughter was planning to go back to work for the police lieutenant at the edgewater ritas chan freeze that he owns. >> he hired my daughter after our divorce. she was getting in to a lot of trouble and he really straightened her out. >> the justice department has been running public service announcements. warning teenagers about the dangers of secting and posting nude pictures of themselves on the web. >> if your kid has a cell phone you ought to be checking that phone to see what numbers are being called and see what photographs are being sent and received from that phone. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney says case after case proves the pedophile can be anyone. bruce leshan, 9 news now and >> if convicted he faces a mandatory minimum five years in
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prison just for the one count and authorities say more charges could be coming. it is an annual show of protests. pro-life activists are out in force in the nation's capitol to speak out against the landmark supreme court ruling that legalized abortion. armando trull has the story. >> reporter: it is the 36th march of life. the theme was stand up now. no exemptions no compromises. >> reporter: tens of thousands of antiabortion protesters jammed the verizon center and then the national mall. >> we want to be a person to the -- a witness to the rest of the world and our country and leaders that these children are a right to live and we won't stop until abortion is abolished. we will be here every year. we fight and pray this has become our crusade. >> why do you think it is important to do that? >> because it's a sin that people are murdering children. >> reporter: after the rally, they marched to the supreme court. >> end abortion. it's wrong.
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it's bad. just choose life. >> we do not want, as taxpayers, to be funding someone's abortion. >> reporter: all not all of the protesters here wanted to end abortion. >> a dozen abortion supporters joined the debate. >> it is a fundamental right for women to control their own body, not the church or the state and it is a right that's been steadily under attack ever since it was won. >> reporter: when it comes to abortion, neither side appears ready or willing to compromise. now you are looking at a live image of what is left of the rally protesters. they actually went to captiol hill to talk to some of their members of congress and stress how abortion has to once again become illegal in the country. of course no word on whether or not they will got what they are asking for and however, they have told us they will continue to come back to the nation's capitol every year until they get this. live armando trull , 9 news now
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and all right. the trial of a man accused of killing an abortion provider comes on the 37th anniversary of roe v. wade. he is charged with first-degree murder in the murder of george tiller. he was shot to death while serving as an usher at his church. >> when i saw the flash and heard the gun pop, i looked because i was -- it was just right there in and i saw an assailant. i saw with his hand out and he still had the gun in his hand. >> reporter: he confessed to killing tiller help said he did it to protect unborn children. in other developments, prosecutors request to throw out an involuntary manslaughter defense was denied and a defense attempt to move the trial out of wichita was also rejected. our speed cameras in our area taking too many pictures, duplicate tickets for the same
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violation? we will tell you where it is happening coming up. president obama hits the road to talk tough about creating jobs, but not everyone in washington is convinced his plans will work. i'm joel brown at the white house. the story is coming up.
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a third triple-digit loss in a row to end the week on wall street. the dow closed down 216 points to close at 10172. the nasdaq dropped 60 and the s&p 500 lost 24. president obama took his economic promises on the road. at a town hall meeting in ohio, he pushed congress to pass a new jobs bill aimed at getting americans back to work, but there was a large dose of skepticism in the crowd. joel brown has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: in ohio, president
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obama sharpened his message. he told this town hall that job creation is his top priority. >> i'm not going to stop fighting until we have jobs for everybody. >> reporter: but the audience listening includes people who have suffered since he took office. in 2008, candidate obama came to this same town, promising jobs. >> i proposed a job creation agenda. >> reporter: since then the town's dry wall factory shut down and the unemployment rate jumped higher than the national average. the economy is the nation's top concern and voter frustration is on the rise. >> washington's frustrated. the country is frustrated. i don't know how we are going to get out of this mess. >> reporter: hearing the country's anger and anxious about voter backlash in the mid- term elections, the white house is pivoting away from its month- long focus on health care reform and zeroing in on jobs. that message comes none too soon for jackie guillen.
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she is worried about job prospects for her children graduating from college soon. >> we need to do something about getting this economy back on track. >> reporter: to do that, the president is promoting ideas like spending more on highways and bridges, small cuts for small businesses that add employees and money to make millions of homes more energy efficient. so far the jobless rate is yet to come down and until it does, he will be pressed to do more by his supporters and critics alike. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. despite adding 600 jobs last month, the district saw its unemployment rate inch up from 11.9% to 12.1% in december. in the past year, the district lost 2400 private sector jobs, but dc has been able to offset that with an additional 7800 government jobs landing one of those federal jobs is not easy we will have more on that story coming up on 9 news now at 7. health care reform appears to have hit a road block.
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chris dodd, a democrat, says it is time to take a break and regroup, particularly after his party's election loss this week in massachusetts. president obama says he'll keep working on an overhaul of the country's medical system, but he admits his plan as run in to a bit of a buzz saw. the miracle on the hudson plane can be yours for a price. the plane that captain sullenberger definitely handed in the hudson river is on the auction block. the airbus a-320 is missing two engines and has severe water damage. bidding is going on in new jersey and it continues until march 27th. astronauts aboard the international space station have internet access now. the hookup was established today. wow. the international space station crew can now use an on-board laptop to browse the web. are we getting this? this is from outer space. that is beyond cool. >> always is. >> put that in perspective. they are only 400 miles in space. they are not like 20,000 but it
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is still pretty crazy. >> they are there and we are here. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> mainly i'm happy about that but every once in a while i want to be there for a minute and then come back. >> just a minute. >> take our breath before the next california storm rolls in on sunday. here's the forecast first. the next three days pretty nice tomorrow. high clouds come in late. temperatures 45. that's actually a little above the seasonal average of 42. again, this is statistically the coldest time of the year for us. sunday, flooding is possible. heavy rain. late sunday ensunday night. 51 on sunday. maybe a leftover shower on sunday and still 50. and then it will turn colder as we go in to section week behind that system. tonight partial clearing and colder. 24 to 34. winds northeasterly at ten. so downtown probably won't get to freezing but it will be colder in our suburbs tonight. 25 great falls. 26 tysons, 26 bethesda. 26 silver spring and 25 bowie. because it didn't get that cold
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last night is why you didn't see the bread-o-meter and we were not concerned about a storm in the metro area. 39 gaithersburg and vienna. upper 30s pretty much across the board. 39 fredericksburg and looking at 40 in upper marlboro. tomorrow morning, pacific become with a cold start. winds are light. no wind chill. and then by afternoon, partly sunny and seasonable. some high clouds will come in late. high temperatures around 45 an winds out of the east at ten. satellite picture, radar combined. here's the next california storm. it is still raining in california, but they will taper off later on today and over the weekend. big snows in the rockies, which they actually need. they have not had much of that. that storm gets in here on sunday and it will take a westerly and northernly track. we will be on the warm side of it. consequently rain and heavy rain on sunday night. our little storm, eventually went slowly out to sea an all of the precipitation is well south of town. zone forecast for you tomorrow, sunshine with high clouds late.
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44 manassas, 46 woodbridge. downtown mid-40s and that's not bad for this time of the year. 45 annapolis. no advisories on the bay or tidal potomac. next seven days, 45 tomorrow, some high clouds. 51 on sunday. i think most of sunday will be dry in the metro area. heavy rain is possible on sunday night. leftover showers on monday and turn colder on tuesday and wednesday. models are all over the place with the next storm on thursday. i'm going to dare it to snow and put rain up there right now and 47. it may end as snow on friday but generally a chillier next week. >> i had a crew of kids thinking snow day, snow day. and i'm like guys, you have to listen. >> if the bread ometer doesn't come out it is not going to happen. >> you don't know anything. you are just a mom. >> just a mom. still to come the search continues for a missing 2-year- old boy who disappeared a week ago from roanoke.
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time was, if you got into trouble out here, chris collins, volunteer firefighter, would be there to save your life. then one night, hit by a car at an accident scene, it was his turn to ride in the ambulance. after years of rehab, chris has learned to take care of himself. but money is so tight, he has trouble staying warm. he just can't afford heating oil. nice to meet you, chris. nice to meet you, and thanks for the oil. you look like you're a fighter, chris. well, i guess i have to be. chris is among the millions of americans who risk their lives each and every day to keep us safe -- our firefighters, our police officers, our emts and first responders -- men and women who sacrifice for others and sometimes need our help. chris: thanks, joe, and thanks to citgo and the people of venezuela.
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hi, i'm joe kennedy from citizens energy, your nonprofit oil company. if you need help staying warm this winter, give us a call at... because no one should be left out in the cold. i'm peggy fox with, the website working to improve the lives of local moms. in wednesday we had a meetup at
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rsvp catering in fairfax. the chef showed us how to make a tasty variety of ramen soups and sandwiches. he tested them on his own kids. he said the ramen soups are a great way to put vegetables in your kids ' diet. and it is all easy to make. >> the green part of the bob choi to me is prettier and the taste of the bob choi is what i remember growing up and that's what i really enjoyed about won on the soup. >> because of our hectic lives we have gotten away from cooking and the fast food but he showed us a wonderful recipe that was simple and easy and actually fun to make that the whole family can be involved. >> reporter: you can find the recipes and instructions in the recipe group on next week's meetup, reading labels. learn what to avoid before you buy those skin care products. we'll also learn new exercises from fitness expert reggie thornton. details are on
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a judge in vermont is giving a virginia woman 30 days to appear in court with her 7- year-old child or face a contempt of court finding and possibility arrest. she denied a court order to turn her daughter over to her former lesbian partner. the child is 7 years old. miller and her former partner broke up and miller renounced homosexuality. a boy disappeared a week ago in roanoke, virginia. police believe the toddler was murdered and he was a victim of severe neglect. the step father said he had been abducted. he is facing charges of felony child neglect and improper disposal of a body. a judge in illinois is considering whether to allow here say evidence in the trial of drew peter zen. he is charged with murdering his third wife. her death was ruled a homicide
5:29 pm
only after his fourth wife disappeared in 2007. the lead investigator in scavio's death said he never considered it was anything other than accident. while stopping short of admitted he was wrong he conceded the investigation could have been more thorough. a georgia woman is in jail for allegedly forcing her son to kill his hamster. the 12-year-old boy took a hammer to the pet as punishment for having bad grades. the youngster reported what happened to his teacher and the mother was arrested and jailed on charges of animal cruelty, child cruelty and battery. still to come on 9 news now, this week's friday hero pro file. a man whose life work is fighting hunger. some drivers are getting two tickets when they pass speed cameras in chevy chase. i will have the story
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. ten days after the earthquake an 84-year-old survivor was pulled from the rubble today in port-au-prince. meanwhile, haitians are attempting to flee their country in large numbers. the dc teachers union is
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demanding an apology following controversial remarks from chancellor michelle rhee discussing the 260-plus teachers who were fired. rhee said she got rid of teachers who hit children,ed a sex with children and missed 78 days of school. >> reporter: the jury that convicted a fairfax county day care provider of child abuse. they believe the mother of two abused the child in her care by severely shaking him. some drivers are being ticketed twice by speed cameras in chevy chase. lindsey mastis has the story. >> reporter: the speed cameras in chevy chase are five foot tall green boxes. >> i think there should be more because it forces people to slow down. >> i don't like them. i think it is a lazy way of collecting money. >> reporter: no one likes to be ticketed twice and that is happening.
5:34 pm
many drivers would see a speed camera, slow down and then immediately speed back up. so police put a second camera down the road. >> ideally if they were to be flashed by both cameras in a short period of time, five tore ten minutes they are only issued one citation. >> the chief says the system has its glitches and sometimes people receive two tickets. >> i would hate to have to go down and spend some time trying to straighten it out. >> reporter: there is a simple fix. >> that happens they need to call the 800 number on the ticket and one of those citations will be avoided -- voided but it only applies to a vehicle traveling in the same direction and during a short period of time. in chevy chase, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now and >> well, chief gordon says thousands of tickets have been issued and they have only found a couple hundred duplicates. crews are wrapping up repairs on the last phi water main breaks that broke at the same time in washington, d.c.
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work needs to be completed on the break at west virginia and florida avenue. wasa says roads in the area will be closed through the rush hour but repairs should be wrapped up by this evening. investigators want to know what sparked a fire in rockville today. the flames broke out this afternoon in a home on calvin lane. neighbors told firefighters a woman in her 90s was still trapped inside but that did not turn out to be the case. the fire caused extensive damage and the family is looking for somewhere to stay tonight. a sad start to the weekend for a family living in a burned out home in richmond, virginia. firefighters pulled three victims from the burning home but it was too late. all of them perished. a this point, investigators have not released their names or what caused the fire. we will go to a more uplifting segment right now. our heros report looks at fighting hunger and derek mcginty is joining us with more. >> reporter: hunger is a troubling reality for many of your neighbors these days and a big shock to the system in
5:36 pm
places like montgomery county, maryland where the almost universal affluence was the old expectations. when those old expectations collide with the new reality, manna food center steps in to help. >> reporter: this is montgomery county's only food bank. but don't let the zip code fool you. 3300 families per month count on the manna food center in gaithersburg to help keep food on the table. >> montgomery county great pockets of wealth and great pockets of poverty. >> reporter: and she says the pockets of poverty are growing. last year, manna fed roughly 150 families each day. >> we have over 349 families that are here at the food bank today picking up food. we have never seen that number. we have never broken 300 until this year. >> never say never. i used to work and now i go to dialysis and i have -- i had to have my toes amputated on the left foot so i'm happy capped.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: 57-year-old patricia kinny of germantown said she never expected to need this kind of help but now. >> if it wasn't for them i don't know what i would do. >> reporter: and neither would thousands of others who rely on manna all over the county in soup kitchens, homeless shelters and even schools. for example this backpack full of food is part of the snack pack program. 1100 of these go to school kids who get their meals through the school nutrition program. without this on the weekends they may not eat. >> reporter: and while these shelves would seem to be piled high, damian says contributions are on pace to equals last years but the need is so much greater and with the holidays coming, people like patricia are counting on your continued generosity. >> without manna it wouldn't be a holiday. >> wouldn't be anything for me. >> reporter: $1,000 help you
5:38 pm
in. >> wendy johnson met us here in our studios for a special surprise. we gave them a charitable contribution of $10,000. it was made possible through the gannett foundation, wusa and "usa today." that money will help a lot more families put food on their tables. for information on these and other charities we are profiling during our fridays heros go to our website at and click on the hero central link. great story. thank you. time to check on the evening rush hour. it is friday night. patranya bhoolsuwan, what's it looking like? >> for friday not looking too bad in most spots. the heaviest delays are on 95 going southbound from dale city, lorton to dale city. a report of an accident on dale and gordon. crews are trying to clear up the mess so expect delays. on the capital beltway as we look at university. pretty uneventful. not much going on here.
5:39 pm
95 to 270, a ten-minute ride. no major issues for drivers in that area. and finally go to the district. this water main break at florida avenue is still blocking streets between 11th and west virginia at this hour. guys, back to you. coming up next, the last night for "the tonight show" with conan o'brien and he's ripping nbc on his way out the door
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. i'm howard bernstein with the living green tip of the day. are you waiting to see how high nor changes could make a difference in your utility cost. wait no more. if your dishwasher was built before 1994 it is not as efficient as today's ones. putting in a new one could save you $30 a year. if you don't have a low flow faucet in your sink you are
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losing two gallons of water when you turn it on. install an air rater and save $80 a year. upgrading to an energy star qualified washing machine can save you $14 year between your power and energy bills. get more tips at just click on living green. tonight is the last night for conan o'brien on "the tonight show." >> and he is crossing the finish line in style. >> nbc and i have finally reached a operation agreement. that is true [ booing ] >> reporter: now i knew it was official when nbc dropped off all of my cd painsicked up its lava lamp. >> reporter: conan's sharp wit continues to slice and dice nbc even after the network cut him an exit deal worth $45 million. >> there are some provisions this the contract that you may not know about. i'm not allowed to make fun of
5:43 pm
nbc programming. i have to let the programming speak for itself. >> nasty jokes about nbc. >> for one night only. his finale is tonight and after that conan probably goes in to a cone of silence per his agreement with nbc. he's not allowed to go out and disparage the network. >> reporter: conan is vowing to spend every last dime nbc will give him. he says he spent 5 million network dollars hiring kentucky derby winner mine that bird to wear a mink snuggie. >> it is not an annulment because there is sex involved and you got [ bleep ] >> "the tonight show" host overshadowed "the tonight show." >> if you have any idea what the weather is like. it is almost as gloomy outside of nbc as it is inside nbc. >> but jay has no reason to feel gloomy. >> jay is the big winner. at the end of the day jay wanted to be at 11:35 and jay leno will be back at 11:35
5:44 pm
hosting "the tonight show." >> for one more show conan is vowing to enjoy tonight like there's no more tomorrow. >> cbs news, los angeles. >> letterman will have fun with this too i would imagine. >> absolutely. still to come a preview of the global earthquake benefit. you will hear from organizer george clooney and we will tell you how to contribute during the show. we are looking at cooler air tonight. in fact we will take you out with the almanac. today was close to average. you can get the data on our website at click on the weather tab and follow the drop down menu to weather data. we'll come back and talk about another california storm and what it means for your weekend. stay tuned.
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wayne and mary met in kindergarten. they've been together ever since. for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. vows that were tested and kept. thanks, hon. even when cancer hit and cost wayne his job. and scleroderma hit and cost him his hands. and then the wall street crash hit
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and cost them their life savings. still, they struggle on just to get by, to keep food on the table and to heat their home. mary: the wood stove helps us save on oil, but it's getting harder and harder. at citizens energy, we know the hurt you must feel. we know it's hard for proud people to ask for help. i just want to let you know how happy we are that we can lend a helping hand. wayne: we never thought we would be cold in our own home. mary: thanks to citgo and the people of venezuela. hi, i'm joe kennedy from citizens energy, your nonprofit oil company. if you need help staying warm this winter, give me a call at 1-877-joe-4-oil, because no one should be left out in the cold.
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i trust unisom. i fall asleep fast and have a full night of restful sleep. morning class. unisom. good night. good morning. if you are trying to wire some money to family members in
5:48 pm
haiti, several transfer services want to help you. western union has waived all of its fees to send money. it usually charges $15 to send $100. you can send that money on-line through the western union website or on the phone through those numbers we have listed there. and ria financial services says it is also eliminating fees for people who want to send money from haiti the u.s. and canada. and the better business bureau says if you are sending money let relatives know it is on the way and have them pick up the money with a group. even though money transfer stations are open in haiti reconfirm with the wiring agency that there is indeed a place for your family pick up that money. in this area, there are several events where your donation can make a difference. they are taking place today at georgetown for haiti held at lulu lemon. you will get cup cake and drinks and a donation for
5:49 pm
doctors without border. and the kennedy center is hosting an evening for haiti. the proceeds will go to relief efforts. or if you are spending the night in, you can tune in to help for haiti now. it is a telethon. we are airing here on channel 9 at 8:00. 100 names of the biggest names in film and television will participate. george clooney and wyclef jean will host the event, madonna, jay-z and anyone you can think of will be on the stage to help to raise money. >> if i thought we could pick up shovels and help without being in the way i think a lot of people would do that. i know you are planning to go down there. it is a hard thing to do. you can go there and bring attention to it. but truth is there is a tremendous amount of attention on it right now. so what we can do is raise money. >> reporter: now you can give
5:50 pm
by phone and on-line and now you can write off all of the deductions to haiti relief on your 2009 taxes. save your phone records if you send a text. and keep track of phone calls you may make with donation and anything you will do on-line. you can get the benefit for donations after january 11th through march 1st of this year. >> good to know. the earthquake is bringing out the ice nigh -- nice guy in simon simon cowell. he is raising money for the victims. stars including paul mccartney, rod stewart and susan boyle have signed on for the project. >> it is already coming in. it will be incredible. it is a logistical nightmare to make the record, but we will get it done. >> reporter: the star-studded version of the rem song "everybody hurts "is expected to go on sale in a week to ten days. 9 news now at 6:00 is less
5:51 pm
than 15 minutes away. here's what we are working on tonight. stuck in haiti, a woman who lived in the states for decades and raised her children here is now not allowed to come home. plus, i'm audrey barnes in arlington, the family of a man who died after being advertised by articling con town dc -- arlington county police want police to release a surveillance tape of the incident. first slots and now a proposal to bring full-fledged casinos to maryland. those stories at 6:00. as you were telling folks last night, this morning not such a big deal. >> when temperatures don't get below freezing things are good. we had two to four inches in the mountains so made skiers happy. big bear, california, go there could we? well, nothing on doppler right now. you can access it via the web at big bear, san bernardino county forest, not that far from l.
5:52 pm
and they have been hammered. we are talking feed, anywhere from 0 two to four feet has falling in the sierra and in that area across california with the last two storms. we on the warm side. no snow here. it is pretty though, dog gone it. next three days, tomorrow nice. a few high clouds come in 45. 51 on sunday. most of heavy rain will occur on sunday night and we could see flooding. temperatures 51 and 50 leftover shower on monday. tonight partial clearing and colder. mid 20sin the suburbs and low to mid 830s downtown. winds northeasterly at ten. lows tonight, 25 in great falls. 26 bethesda. 25 bowie and we are looking at 32 or 34 downtown. 39 at brookeville and upper 30s in dumfries. tomorrow morning a cold start but nice. 20s and 30s. by afternoon, some high clouds come in, but seasonable. highs of 45. winds northeasterly at ten. here's our next system. it is still raining in southern california. eventually this will eject
5:53 pm
through the rockies and the plain states and get in to here on sunday night. that's the critical time with heavy rain, at least the possibility of heavy rain. the storm has pulled away and clearing out nicely. the next seven days, 45 tomorrow. clouds late. 51 on sunday. warm on sunday and monday which is a good thing. we're on the warm side. maybe a leftover shower on monday and colder on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. rain up there for thursday. i will dare it to snow instead of rain. upper 40s. it may end as snow on friday. and quick reminder, for the make a wish foundation mid- atlantic chapter go this weekend and get free windshield wiper fluid and make a donations in potomac, bethesda and silver spring. >> give something and get something. >> exactly. prosthetics that match the human body like never before and what it means for people who have lost a limb as they try to get on with their life. and we are always on at stay with us. you want to see the story in
5:54 pm
tonight's living well segment. it's next.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
babies in america are
5:57 pm
getting smaller. reversing the trend that started in the ' 50s of birth weights going up. a new report in the journal of on stettics and gynecology says between 1990 and 2005 full-term birth weights have gone down on average by two ounces and babies are arriving 2.5 days earlier. that's not a big difference but doctors are worried about where the trend is going. smaller babies especially preemies face more complications. one of the terrible realities of the aftermath of the earthquake in haiti is the massive number of amputations. doctors estimate the need for prosthetics will reach never- before-seen levels. today we visited a local facility that is using the latest technology to make artificial limbs more realistic than ever. >> there's a little of not understanding what you can and can't do. >> reporter: a terrible rock climbing accident broke both of jeff's legs. he credits having a support group that includes family and a team of specialists who will help him find a new normal.
5:58 pm
>> i had doctors that were concerned with my well being beyond the fact that just patching me up. >> reporter: those doctors and specialists include experts like joseph smith with infinite technologies in arlington. the back room may look like a wood shop but his team is combining latest scientific advances, practical know how to make each artificial limb unique. >> from age and severity of the health issue to components you would suggest for them to what their lifestyle is and what they will face. it all makes a package at the end you have to design with the patient. >> reporter: a prosthetic that offers flexibility and freedom begins with getting an exact impression of the limb. >> every prosthesis has a socket that fits around the limb and it is custom made. everyone's is different shapes and sizes and components go under that. >> reporter: and from using a
5:59 pm
silicone liner that is healthier synthetic against the skin to the latest digital scans that pinpoint where modifications in the prosthetic need to be made. >> we are not using woodblocks anymore. this gives an exact fit to the patient. >> reporter: it adds up to greater freedom and comfort every day. >> everyone wants to hold the door open for you or push people out of the way so you can get by and a lot of times it is not necessary and i like to think i am the say as before. >> reporter: organizations like infinite technology have plans to assist the need in haiti. we will keep you posted on those plans. check out our reports at and click on living well. thanks for joining us for 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts right now. from the first local station with news in high definition. this is 9 news now. and we start with breaking news. more on the move by britain's government to raise that country's terror
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